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Faucetisan Selection

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Air Series

Air Series is our TOP 1 Sales Series in 2020.

The extreme high cost performance and durable quality assist our clients to grow more market shares with good reputation.

Faucetisan 2021 Selecetion Brochure_页面_01.jpg
Faucetisan 2021 Selecetion Brochure_页面_05.jpg

Vanessa Series

After several rounds of revising on drawings, we bring a modern design, which is sold like hot-cakes in Euro market.

Faucetisan 2021 Selecetion Brochure_页面_05.jpg
Faucetisan 2021 Selecetion Brochure_页面_08.jpg

Matteo Series

Square and exquisite design, win a lot of clients' love in Euro. Besides, 25mm cartridge gives a water saving function in the market. 

Faucetisan 2021 Selecetion Brochure_页面_08.jpg

Summit Series

Summit Series is one of our most proud series. It spent us over 100 days to produce this artwork. Super thin spout is the soul of the series.

And it belong to our Luxury range faucet.

Faucetisan 2021 Selecetion Brochure_页面_09.jpg

Tencent Series

Tencent Series is our new range in 2021. Special Design requested by our oversea clients. From material to surface treatment, all we use is top quality range to make every details perfect. 

Faucetisan 2021 Selecetion Brochure_页面_11.jpg
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