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Shower Heads


They are designed to be mounted to the wall. They come with an adjustable shower head mechanism making it easier for you to adjust the positions. It is connected with a wall through a tube or hose, allowing a good range of motion.

Two in One Unit

It is a two in one unit in which one side of the shower is fixed, and the other can be adjustable according to your needs. It also comes with a water sense technology, but it will only be installed only upon order.

Materials and Finishing

We have used only the finest quality materials along with a premium quality chrome coating making it rustproof. Some of the most used materials and finishing for our shower head faucets are as follows.

• Ceramic coating

• Brushed and polished Chrome coating

• Copper

• Oil rubbed and shined bronze

Spray Patterns

It comes with adjustable spray patterns so you can choose easily which one suits you best.

• Wide spray pattern suitable for everyday needs and feels like it’s raining.

• Targeted spray pattern ideal for massaging.

• Drenching spray pattern suitable for your head when it is covered with shampoo.